Why Fad Trendy Diets Do Not Work

Ask yourself how you got overweight. Did it happen overnight? In a week? In two weeks?

You won't lose the weight in two weeks either. Even if you purge and starve, and almost kill yourself, eventually you'll return to your old and comfortable eating & exercise habits. and the weight will come back to balance itself out with your habits.

  • Never say "Lose" weight. If you lose something, like your wallet or your watch, don't you try to find it? If you lose, something, don't you miss it? Instead, say: "I'm SHEDDING weight, and I'm Slimming, Trimming, Shaping.
  • Never skip breakfast. Never skip lunch. Skip dinner any time you like. Downsize dinner any time you like.
  • Avoid sugars all the time. Look for opportunities to skip sweets.
  • Eat proteins and carbs in the morning. Your body is designed to utilise them well. Have a good lunch. After lunch avoid carbs, proteins and sugars. Best dinners are salads and veggies.
  • Grassel Hypnotherapy helps you develop better eating habits that work for your body to shed the excess weight and shed the fat deposits which gave you the wrong shape. Grassel Hypnotherapy helps you build motivation to develop the right exercise habits to re-shape, tone up and strengthen your muscle tissue and the correct functioning of your organs and glands.
  • Grassel Hypnotherapy helps you get your head around the problems, helps you create the right attitude towards foods and exercise.
  • Lap Band [Gastric Band] Surgery is physically invasive and can cost $8,000-17,000. There have been complications including deaths directly related to this surgery.

VIRTUAL Lap Band Surgery

Using Hypnotherapy,Virtual Lap Band Surgery, has been proven to be incredibly effective, with as few as 4 sessions, for a fraction of the cost, and no scalpels, pain, anaesthesia, infections nor complications of the "virtual band" slipping.

We facilitate "SHED WEIGHT, SLIM UP AND SHAPE UP WORKSHOPS" at our Sunshine Coast clinic, FREE (or gold-coin donation to Bloomhill cancer research)